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121./ And finally. For the day.

By bird_lovegod | 9 April 20 01:02pm | Good Deeds

I delivered the big load of shopping to the lady from GD 119 and she was really happy and grateful.

I told her I nearly bought her a bottle of wine as well, but it’s against EthicalMuch rules!

She said that would’ve been lovely. So I said, OK, I’ll get you one personally, not as a representative of EthicalMuch. Just as a kindness from me. Back to Aldi one last time.

This Good Deed is just from me.

The lady also said she needed electricity topping up. I suggsted she join EthicalMuch and do Good Deeds and get rewarded for posting them.

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Editor on 9th April 2020 16:28:01

Nice Good deed Bird... I think this one is it's own reward!

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