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100./ Shopping and kindness delivered.

By bird_lovegod | 25 March 20 06:11pm | Good Deeds

A nice one this. ‘N’, the self isolating chap from Good Deed 99 sent me a text saying could I help with his shopping. We chatted on the phone, and I encouraged him to send a list over. He did, and I went out and bought the items on it.

I spent about £50 in total, some other things from some other shops as well, and took them round to him. Left them outside his door and called him so he could collect them. He did look a bit poorly to be fair, so I really hope he feels better soon. I know he’s enjoying having a friend and someone to chat with ( although he can’t breathe very well so it’s hard to chat on phone ) but we swop texts and I’m keeping an eye on him and will be in touch every day, and I’ll make sure he’s OK.

I think it’s important to say, I can only afford to do this kind of Compassion / Good Deed because of the system I have , whereby every artwork I sell funds it. This Good Deed was the result of a £50 art sale, so I used 100% of it for the shopping, but that’s OK, it’s also the 100th Good Deed on Ethicalmuch and it feels right to give 100% at such times.

Imagine if every time you bought anything, it helped fund acts of kindness and humanitarian interventions … That’s the future.

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