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Ethical Art Gallery

We’ve applied for a grant to develop an online gallery where under-represented artists can sell their work and 25% of the revenue will be used to action social impacts in the UK. Until we get that funding we are going to use this page to showcase a few paintings and show the impacts they’ve funded. EthicalMuch didn’t receive revenue from these sales, and the impacts were delivered in Cambodia, although when we get the funding we’ll be actioning the impacts here in the UK.

Art created and sold by Bird Lovegod.

SOLD! The sale of these two paintings funded the first 10 food parcel deliveries in Cambodia

SOLD! This painting funded impact delivery number 11 in Cambodia.

SOLD! This painting funded impact deliveries 12, 13, and 14 in Cambodia

Won’t it be amazing, to create an awesome online gallery, where every sale funds life changing social impacts? We think so! Life changing art, and art changing lives.

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