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By bird_lovegod | 31 May 24 07:39pm | EthicalMuch Cambodia

Grandma Sai, 84 years old. She lives alone. Her children got into inheritance conflict,  therefore the grandmother has been rejected,  leading her to live alone. 

Though her age, she keeps living her years age longing for reunion. Sadly to say, her children prefer separation. 

Due to her eyes and her age,  she can’t make a living from her physical labor. She depends on people give. One of her children regularly feeds her. 

Status: Poor grandmother ,  Location: Proyuk village, Tomnuo commune, Bathay district, Kompong Cham province.

We have provided her rice , noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce and soap powder. 

Total expenses: $ 15

Deepest gratitude Mr. Bird for all such this kindness you care and look after us here 🙏❤️ 

We love you is the words we can say to you 🙏🥰


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