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By bird_lovegod | 31 May 24 07:35pm | EthicalMuch Cambodia

We have delivered food parcels to Mou Sokheng, 55 years old. She lives with her violent husband. She has two children who are grown-up now. 

Her husband is alcoholic. Domestic violence is pretty common in her family. She makes a living from cleaning plates dishes during religious events in her hill community.

She also lives from asking food from people around. 

Her two grown up children also struggling with their income,  thus they can’t afford to support her. 

Status: Poor family with alcoholic and violent husband, Location: Korkrovieng village, Korkrovieng commune, Cheoung Prey district, Kompong Cham province.

Food parcels items are : rice , noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce and soap powder. 

Total expenses : $ 15

Deepest thank you Mr. Bird for your love and care for us here 🙏 you always with us when we are in needs 🙏❤️

God bless you 🙏

We love you 🙏❤️

Muylen and Khmer people 

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