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By bird_lovegod | 31 May 24 06:24pm | EthicalMuch Cambodia

We have delivered food parcels such as rice , noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce and soap powder to Choy Phalka,  29 years old. He lives with his wife and 4 month old baby. He had been working in the city and sending money to support his family. His workplace had to lay off some staff due to the economic crisis. He now moves back to his village and lives with his wife. 

He is good at fishing. He sometimes fish and feed his family a few days with what he got from the river.  

Status: Poor family,  hit with economic crisis.  Location: Korkrovieng village, Korkrovieng commune, Cheoung Prey district, Kompong Cham province.
Total expenses : $ 15 Thank you so much Mr. Bird for your generosity has the power to change lives 🙏🙏❤️
God Bless You , 

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