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Welcoming New Business Member GROOF! WeAreGroof! WeAreGroof!

By bird_lovegod | 23 April 19 03:46pm | Business News

Cool businesses have cool names. Groof is cool :)! But what even are they? And what do they do? And where? And why? And who?

These are the people questions are asking… !

OK. Let’s talk sense. Groof are a fuss free marketing agency. In the superfantastic city of the Beatles. To quote their site…

We are Groof. We’re a creative marketing agency in Liverpool. We’re marketing problem solvers. We’re graphic designers. We’re website makers. We’re start-up business supporters. We’re champions of SMEs. Most importantly, we’re here to work with you to help make your business successful and your life easier.

And they’re also makers of Good Deeds happening and brand new members of EthicalMuch and that means they’ve got vision, compassion, intelligence, great business sense and a certain all round excellence.

WeAreGroof! WeAreGroof!WeAreGroof!

Feels like we should have banners made…!

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