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Welcome New Member … a really interesting property investment platform.

By EMEditor | 25 April 19 02:48pm | Business News

Property investing and developing is like many sectors, you either understand it, or you don’t. But this platform clarifies it for everyone, I’ll explain how:

Successful property investment requires three factors to come together. These are:

  • Local knowledge to find the properties.
  • Expertise to understand the processes and requirements.
  • Money to invest in and purchase the properties.

What does is bring these three factors together on a single platform. It’s very clever, and very successful already, despite being less than 2 years old.

Franchisees use thier local knowledge to find suitable properties for investment. These are usually either below market value, such as from auctions or deceased estates, they may be suitable for renovation or conversion, including converting offices into homes, or they might be new build opportunities.

Head Office does the due diligence and regulation work.

Then the crowd of investors put money in and enable the property to be purchased.

It’s then redeveloped, converted, however it’s having value added, and the investors receive their returns.

It’s a collaberative effort, and over 80 properties have been invested in s far, with a 100% repayment rate for investors.

Bringing local knowledge, sector expertise, and finance together.

It’s good.

Image by Alex D’Alessio

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