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Welcome new business member … you guys do AMAZINGNESS!

By bird_lovegod | 13 May 19 02:13pm | Business News

In Sheffield City Centre on the Moor there’s a hidden slice of brilliance sumupable in three words. Learn Create Sell.

AALFY is a social enterprise, founded by Zak Ahmed some six years ago or so, and it changes lives.

They work with young people at risk of educational and social exclusion to become Makepreneurs, visioning, creating, making their products, then selling them, in the real commercial World.

Entrepreneurs are frequently misfits. (Speaking from experience!) So enabling these young people with their masses of unmined talent and potential to find their place in the World is such a valuable thing. A life changing, life defining thing.

Young people stand at crossroads almost every day. Some are marked creativity, adventure, exploration, others are marked displacement, unfulfilled potential, prison, despondency.

Sometimes they need more than just telling which paths to take. Sometimes they need a vehicle to drive them down the better paths, people to journey with, guides to assist them, rewards for achievement.

AALFY does far more than we can go into in this first post. There will be more to come! Thank you Zak and the team… You are definitely Ethical MUCH!

Shall we do a video interview? 🙂

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