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Good Ol’e Richer Sounds, handing control of the company over to loyal employees and showing them much gratitude.

By bird_lovegod | 14 May 19 10:54am | Business News

Julian Richer, the founder of Richer Sounds (aged 19 when launched) is now 60, and has commenced transferring running of the company into an employee led trust. ( Like Waitrose and John Lewis. )

All the staff are getting a nice bonus to boot, £8k on average, £1k per year of employment.

There seems to be two ways of running a business, in terms of employees. Option one is the Amazon style formulaic HR approach, monitor everyone continuously and use ‘data based decisions’ to process them. Treating people as data generating units basically. Somewhat de humanised, and de humanising.

Option 2 is to treat everyone really well, encourage loyalty and build a fantastic family / partnership team.

Seriously think option 2 is better.

Here’s the detailed article from the Guardian:

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