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Being ethical isn’t about doing less harm, it’s about doing the maximum good.

By bird_lovegod | 19 March 19 10:29am | Business News

Ethics is becoming more of a hot topic. And rightly. Pretty all of the World’s problems are a result of our ethics. Climate Change? That’s largely caused by our ethics in business and finance. War? Ethics. Poverty? Ethics. Terrorism? Ethics. Politics? An expression of ethics.

Everything we do is an expression of our ethics. We are our ethics in action.

Focussing on ethics in business for a moment; If it’s considered at all, it’s usually an afterthought, a defensive measure against public blowback. Companies acting ‘ethically’ by reducing plastic, for example, are doing the right thing, BUT they’re doing it years later than they could’ve. Arguably they’re responding to public opinion and pressure, rather than ethical intentions. Perhaps both. Ethical in business is almost always about doing less harm. This is good, but, it’s still just harm reduction, mitigation against damage. On the ‘ethical balance sheet’ if there was one, they are still in the red, in deficit. It’s progress, but it’s fractional, it’s like a loss making business making a smaller loss. Great. You’ve bought a bit of extra time. But it’s not enough.

What’s needed is businesses that have a positive ethical impact. Pro-ethical businesses, if you like.

If and when Pro-Ethical businesses scale, they do more and more good. Imagine if Facebook gave £1 to charity every month, for every user… That’s £2000,000,000 a month that could systematically be used to provide clean water for everyone on Earth, to educate every child, to buy and preserve massive areas of rainforest, to save the World from the greed and foolishness of short term financial gain over life…

EthicalMuch is such a business. It’s designed to be. The key metric for EthicalMuch is the number of children sponsored. Another key metric is the number of Good Deeds inspired. These are the functions of the company, what it produces. EM! is also a platform for the sharing of Good News and cool stuff, but that in itself isn’t measurably healing to the World.

At scale, EthicalMuch could sponsor millions of impoverished and disadvantaged children, and create a network that connects those children and their families to wealthier families who have the means and inclination to help support them.

The sponsorship of children is ‘baked in’ to our business model. The more members we have, the more children we sponsor, the more children we sponsor, the more relevancy we have.

Our Good Deed system is also potentially life changing. I’ll go into details on it shortly.

For now, please consider.

Thanks Stephen Leonardi for the photo.

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