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52 people talk about the risk of Ai.

By bird_lovegod | 22 March 19 12:21pm | Business News

Artificial intelligence… who knows what might happen.

It does seem to me that whatever humans build is somewhat flawed, having within it the seeds of further problems. Internal combustion engine. Brilliant. Leads to climate chaos and oil wars. The internet. Brilliant. Leads to the undermining of democracy and the spread of hate and disturbing content. Plus some good stuff like EM. 🙂

Ai though is on a different level. And from it will come ASI, Artifical Super Intelligence, machines that are more intelligent than any human. And those ASI systems will go on to create the next generation of themselves. And so on. And not just more intelligent, but differently intelligent, intelligent without a soul, without a conscience, without morality or ethics.

It’s not a good plan.

Here’s some thoughts from the most excellent CBInsights.

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