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What’s WIX website builder like these days?

By bird_lovegod | 20 December 18 05:54pm | Uncategorised

It’s been what, maybe five years since I had an active WIX website. I’ve decided to build a new one for my personal website, here’s how it goes.

1./ Goto , yep.

2./ Hmmm this is new, I can choose ADI (what does that stand for) … it means they create the site for me in a few seconds based on a few questions. Actually they create the structures… I press OK let’s try this.

3./ Hmmmm I’m thinking I should’ve gone with the regular WIX builder… this looks too basic and WIX isn’t exactly hard to use.

4./ Yep, binned that, starting again.

5./ Goto . Create new site.

6./ Use WIX editor not the ADI thing.

7./ Pick template. Consultant. Look at it. It’s fine. Click edit.

8./ Change text by clicking on it. Done

9./ Change background image. Goto and choose a cool one.

10./ This would definitely be easier if my laptop wasn’t 5 yeas old. Why is a five year old Mac totally fine, and a five year old PC virtually obsolete?

11./ OK I’m getting there, bit clunky … slow … probably my PC … wondering what exactly is the new website for?

12./ It’s to show my Past, Present, and Future work.

13./ OK this is pretty easy and actually quite fun. Very easy. Good old WIX.

14./ I’ll let you know when it’s finished.

15./ It’s 90% there, in the free mode, needs a few tweaks, then upgrading to include my URL. Basically done though, and to be fair, in the few hours it took, with a few games of Tanks in between, I’ve done a decent job of it.

Wix, for simple websites, built in no time with no cost, you’re pretty good. Pretty good indeed. High praise from a Yorkshireman.




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