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Love Your Pet!

By ethicalmuch_admin | 3 December 18 11:44am | Uncategorised

From stick insects to basset hounds people love their pets. So we’re happy to announce, a few months early,  the UK’s National Love Your Pet Day! We discovered it via an online store called PurrfectCatGifts. We hope they sell gerbil food as well. (They don’t. ?)

Move over Valentine’s – the UK’s national Love Your Pet Day on February 20th offers the perfect chance to pamper your moggy with a gift from online cat gift store Purrfect Cat Gifts. 

Even Luan Hockley, owner of the business (and five cats), said: “Cats are always presenting their owners with ‘gifts’ of mice, rats and birds, so why not return the favour with something you’re both happy with?” 

OK, Share with us … what’s the most unwanted present your friendly house mammal ever brought you? Bad Cats Hall of shame coming soon.

With felines proven to reduce stress and blood pressure, National Love Your Pet Day is the ideal chance to show your animal how much they mean to you. 

Hockley adds: “At Purrfect Cat Gifts we have a great range of unique and unusual gifts for cats which your moggy will adore – or a cat-related product you love, all with attractive price tags. We source all the gifts ourselves, and many of them can’t be found on the High Street. To make life easier, we also offer free shipping.” 

National Love Your Pet Day ( Or even Christmas presumably!) is the perfect occasion to show your best friend some extra attention and give them some special pampering. As well as actually giving gifts, pet owners mark the occasion in all sorts of ways, including by posting photos online or feeling encouraged to volunteer at a cat rescue centre. 

At family-run Purrfect Cat Gifts, which was established early in 2016, you can find cat-related human gifts from coasters to cat-themed key rings, aprons and bookmarks. Meanwhile, every kind of feline product and treat is there as well, from feeding bowls to collars, toys and beds. 

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