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What would the most ethical social media platform possible look like?

That’s what we’re building together:

  • Only real people, businesses and charities can register an account.
  • They can post news and views onto the site.
  • Encouraging posts that reflect good news, positivity, intelligence, kindness, the virtues of humanity.

Members get real rewards:

We Reward members for doing and posting Good Deeds. This is revolutionary. It means you can do a Good Deed, post the story, and receive a Mystery Reward for doing so. Every time. Amazing. And what are the Mystery Rewards?

Good Deed Mystery Rewards include:

  • Cash prizes
  • Free gifts
  • Prize draws
  • Vouchers
  • Rewards may be physical and digital
  • Business members can contribute to the Mystery Rewards
  • Members can provide their postal address and receive Mystery Rewards in the post.
  • Otherwise by email

It gets even better:

When members publish a Good Deed, rather than receiving a Mystery Reward they can name a charity to receive a £5 donation instead.

With Ethical Much, doing Good Deeds raises money for charities. That’s HUGE. It means something as simple as picking up some litter generates a £5 charity donation.

This is made possible by our business members. Rather than spending money on adverts, they can sponsor Good Deeds. For every Good Deed done by members, the business donates £5 to charity. So they can sponsor 20 Good Deeds for £100, for example. Which gets 1000s of digital views.

So, what else is different?

We reward members a £5 for inviting new members. This can be in person, or digitally. This also means the £5 monthly membership fee is easily covered by inviting a friend.

What else? Oh yes. We sponsor children.

It costs £25 per month to sponsor a child and change their life. For every member who joins we ring-fence £1 per month. For every 25 members joining, we sponsor a child. You can see the children we’ve sponsored so far. We aim to sponsor new children every month. Imagine if we could sponsor hundreds, or thousands? Together we can.

(If Facebook had this policy they would be using £2BILLION a MONTH for child sponsorship. That would change the World forever.)

How are we funded?

Rather than advertising we ask members to pay a £5 per month membership fee.

  • It means EM is self funded by the members, not advertisers.
  • Which means we don’t sell advertising. No adverts. At all.
  • This which means we don’t need to track everyone and invade their privacy. Plus it’s nice to have a site with zero advertising, right?
  • It means our members are real people and real businesses, not ‘bots’ and fake accounts and scams. (Facebook has hundreds of millions of such accounts.)
  • It means our members want to be part of a truely ethical community.
  • It means no trolling, no bullying, and no nasty content.
  • It means we can use the membership funds to do amazing things.

That’s enough for now. Thank you so much for reading, and if you decide to join, you can REGISTER here.

That’s Ethical. Much.