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About Us

Imagine if your acts of kindness and Good Deeds could reach out across the World and change people’s lives in some of the poorest countries on Earth.

They do.

Imagine if your children’s Good Deeds and acts of simple kindness could change the lives of impoverished children overseas.

They do.

Ethical Much is a Christian hearted platform. When our members post a Good Deed on the site, a £3 donation is earned for a Christian charity.

Where does the money come from?

The donations come from Business Members willing and able to transform lives in this way.

  • The membership model means only real people, real businesses and real charities can register.
  • As well as Good Deeds, members can post encouraging news and views onto the site. Sharing what’s good.
  • Business Members can do the same, and promote the services they offer.
  • Charities can join and share news updates and appeals, and spread the word of the services they provide.
  • All posts are read and approved before going publicly live.
  • Each member can raise up to £15 a month for charity by doing Good Deeds.

We encourage families to join as a team.

For young people, of all ages, it means they can raise money for charity, by doing acts of kindness and Good Deeds. They can experience the impact of those Good Deeds by exploring the charities they’re supporting. The kindness of children becomes the hand of compassion and mercy.

Our Business Members provide the donations, sponsoring Good Deeds in batches. Business people know the challenges faced by society and many of them are genuinely keen to support families, communities and charities in this way.

It gets even better:

We sponsor children overseas.

There are millions of children living in desperate poverty and hardship all over the World. Through a charity called CompassionUK we sponsor some of them, enabling them to receive healthcare, schooling, training, and wellbeing support. It costs £25 per month to sponsor a child and change their life. You can see the children we’ve sponsored so far. Together we can sponsor many more.

Our sponsored children can also be gifted donations through EthicalMuch. This means our members can do Good Deeds to support our sponsored children and families in Ghana, or Togo, should they wish.

It means children here in the UK can do Good Deeds to support and bless children living in poverty overseas.


How are we funded?

We ask members to pay a small monthly membership fee. For individuals and families this is just £3 per month.

The Good Deed donations are provided by fantastic and awesome businesses and we encourage our members to reciprocate the love and generosity.

That’s enough for now. Thank you so much for reading, and if you decide to you can REGISTER and Join.

If you would like to know more about what we think ethical means, read the short article. Ethical is a ladder.

That’s Ethical. Much. If you have any questions can can email us, or even call us on 07535 670 581 and we’ll do our best to help.

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