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Boycott #2 Black Friday ?

By bird_lovegod | 14 November 18 12:56pm | Uncategorised

Because… Grrrr….It’s a rampant consumerist festival of pointless over consumption… It’s goading the consumers to become more so… It’s totally unnecessary… What the World needs is less consumers not more.

Black Death Friday, a plague on all your distribution warehouses!!! To quote Shakespear. 

Really though, Black Friday? Does that sound like a wholesome good for humanity thing? Or is a way of manipulating hundreds of millions of people into spending more money on stuff they don’t need. 

Plus it benefits Amazon and co disproportionately over small independents.

And all the screechy adverts get right on my XXXX.

How about we alleviate poverty, feed the hungry, heal the sick and tend to the wounded, school the children and liberate the enslaved, rather than consume ourselves ever deeper into a black hole of environmental degradation?

Black Friday. An inverted celebration of doing the wrong thing. More.


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