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I found this and I rather liked it.

By bird_lovegod | 21 May 19 05:16pm | Uncategorised

Just strolling around Etsy, surprised how good it is these days, found this, and it made me ponder about time, and people, and paintings…

…it’s a watercolour, from around 1790, over 200 years old, just a snippet of a thing, somehow surviving over 200 years, World Wars, rise and fall, and a transformation of society and culture. Yet here she is, unchanged, fragile, yet outliving us all, temporary, yet here when so much isn’t. Will ever I create something that lives beyond this century, and the next?

Just a young girl. For hundreds of years. She’ll be here, even when we are gone.

Available to buy. Here. Unless she’s gone.

Maybe there’s more on BraveFineArt

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