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Boycott #5 FACEBOOK

By bird_lovegod | 23 November 18 12:57pm | Uncategorised

Facebook. How disappointing. A company that reaches billions of people, and generates money from each of them, gives back what…?

Facebook has huge power. They could do so much. Instead they do so little. And what they do is often shady.

They clearly care more about money than people.

They consistently demonstrate lack of care.

They avoid taking responsibility for eveything where ever possible.

They avoid taxes where ever possible. 

They run smear campaigns.

They take take take and give nothing or as little as possible.

With their power, reach, resources, money, they could heal and transform the lives of millions of people. They could be a humanitarian force of extraordinairy influence. 

Instead they just track everyone, collect data, and sell it.

A pathetic excuse of a company. A shadow of what it could be. 

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