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Our Good Deed Fund

We have a Good Deed Fund, provided by generous businesses and super kind individuals.

The Good Deed fund operates at 100% efficiency.

For every £1 going in, £1 is directly used to buy food parcels and essential items for people in need.

(EthicalMuch covers running costs from memberships of the platform, not from the Good Deed fund.)

Every Good Deed is documented and published. So you can see EXACTLY which food parcel you funded!

If you would like to donate to the fund please do. You can use our GoFundMe page:

You will receive an itemised report of exactly which Food Parcels and Good Deeds you have funded.

Try it with £10 and see how it works.

Try it with £1000 and change lives at scale.

Thank you for supporting people in need. It makes a real and immediate difference to them.

You can also see here for a page explaining more ways you can DONATE AND GIVE

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