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What is eco economics?

By bird_lovegod | 17 October 18 02:31pm | News and Views

I met a guy in Union St co working, and he explained. 

“So, it is a change in systems. For instance the biggest problem we have at the moment is most or all of our systems are build around GDP, Gross Dometic Product. 

The problem being that GDP does not actually include the cost of infrastructure and the cost of natural capital. Example of natural capital. New York relies on the Catskin Mountains for its water, no Mountains, no water. That is classed as natural capital. Therefor, if you fraked the Catskin mountains, you would have to resupply NY water somehow. 

There are renewable natural capital resources and finite ones. Areas where natural capital has been destroyed include fracking sites and strip mined areas. New Zealand, for example, has made laws, that watersheds have ‘personhood’. And therefor poisoning them is a crime against the person. 

No applying ‘personhood’ to natural resources in law gives them the same protection in law, as a hominid person. 

Back to Eco Economics. This was an example of changing the system. To counter the malfusion problem, the finite amount of resources Vs an infinite (ever increasing) number of people.”

Fascinating. See MARVEL Infinity Wars for this theory played out.

Everything has to have a price? Or does it? If the thing has rights, rather than a price, maybe that changes things. For humans. And everything thing and every one else.

Bird Lovegod in conversation with John Castle. 

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