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Well Fed Ape Giveaway!

By PeterCostello | 7 August 20 11:35am | News and Views

My name is Peter, I am a registered associate Nutritionist.

My company Well Fed Ape is a forward-thinking, online nutrition service.

It takes an innovative and modern approach to health by offering professional, personalised guidance that is accessible from your very own home.

If a client reaches their health goal, 10% of the programme cost will be donated to a charity of their choice.

However, due to COVID-19…

And, as Well Fed Ape is a brand-new start up, I am offering a promotional package for FIVE lucky individuals who wish to optimise their health.

You, or your friends or your family have the chance to win 4-weeks of professional, personalised, guidance from a Registered Associate Nutritionist, Sports & Exercise Scientist, Coach & Teacher (All clients will be kept 100% confidential).

This will include:

  • Dietary Assessment & Nutrient Analysis
  • Access to the associated App.
  • Step-by-step guidance to optimise the way you Move, Eat, Relax & Sleep.
  • Weekly consultations to discuss goals, changes and progress.
  • Weekly guides full of tricks and tips.
  • Weekly, optional challenges to boost you closer to your goal.
  • Plus, even more!

This particular service would usually cost £149.

I am not profiting from this.

All you need to do for the chance to win this Well Fed Package is:

  1. Share & Like this post! Spread the word to anyone and everyone!
  2. Tag people who may be interested.
  3. Follow Well Fed Ape on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Message Well Fed Ape. Briefly include your situation, which service you are looking for and why. Mention what you are hoping to achieve and the charity you wish to donate to.


Think about any people you know who may be interested in this offer and let them know!

Perhaps you know someone who couldn’t afford this form of personalised healthcare?

Maybe you have a friend who is worried about their health?

Or maybe you have been trying to make a change for a while but not had the success you were hoping for…


All entries must be made by completing the steps above by Sunday the 16th of August!

Thanks & Good Luck 🙂

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Bird Lovegod on 7th August 2020 11:39:33

Cool thing Peter! :)

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