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Neighbours balcony good as new

By Sarah | 22 April 20 04:11pm | News and Views

Hi guys, me and the kids are doing good deeds for the local residents of cemetery road, we have cleared the bird poop from the balcony of our elderly neighbour so she can sit out and enjoy the sun shine, we have also been sending out leaflets to our neighbours, spreading the word about the fabulous EthicalMuch, we hope more people will be able to come together and help the community, x x

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Editor on 23rd April 2020 11:51:45

Hello Sarah, Thank you for spreading the word about EM, and I bet your neighbours are super happy about the clean balcony! As a thank you for posting your good deeds here on the site we are happy to provide a little thank you gift, how about you choose something from an online shop or a local shop in Sheffield, up to £10 in value, and we will purchase and have it delivered for you just to say thanks for being such a great member of the community? Send us an email with what you would like please!

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