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Time to teach climate change in Schools?

By ethicalmuch_admin | 15 January 19 01:11pm | Business News, News and Views

Feels like a YES…

We definitely live in changing times. The climate being one such component, alongside politics, technology, it’s all getting quicker, more dynamic, less predictable.

If we are to avoid climate change becoming climate chaos we really need to do everything we can to slow everything down. Education is a big part of this, and we may as well be educating primary school children upwards.

Melanie Harwood of Harwood Eduction puts it like this:

The only way to turn this awful situation around is to engage the children who will engage their “tribes” of friends/family/community.  We cannot, not for a moment longer, accept the existing status quo.  That is old hat.
Look at the state of flux our world is in politically right now.  We need children to steady us and to guide us through these rough seas.  Besides, they are far more adept at seeing through a situation and getting to the very nub of an issue.  They do not pussyfoot around an issue either.  Children tell it like it is!

See this EM post for children speaking truth to ‘power’

Harwood Education are creating a climate change education program suitable for primary schools upwards, the first trials of which begin in the Spring 2019.

Let us hope that together humanity will be able to halt the most damaging effects of climate change. Alternatively, let us hope the most damaging effects of climate change bring humanity together in a united cause and struggle. Either way, one suspects we will reap what we sow. In a World of self interested politicians and businesses and individuals looking always to the short term I’m not sure we have anything at all to teach our children, other than our mistakes.

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