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Beating Blue Monday – Why The Most Depressing Day Of The Year Hasn’t Got A Chance In Scarborough.

By ethicalmuch_admin | 15 January 19 01:51pm | News and Views

Scarborough… Monday… Cold…. Wet…. You’d be forgiven for thinking there’s something in ‘Blue Monday’ , the third Monday of January supposedly the most miserable of the year.

Actually ‘Blue Monday’ is one of those PR generated ‘events’, bit like ‘Black Friday’ and other attempts at cultural infiltration. Not unlike ‘Kiss a Ginger Day’ which is a real thing.

But if you live in or near Scarborough, or just fancy a day of something cheerfully different, hit the local library for a day long lineup of cheerfully intentioned activities.

Organised by Roots of Yggdrasil, the Scarborough-based Social Enterprise, the Beating Blue Monday event takes place 9am to 6.30pm with something for everyone, from rap to nutritional advice, from salsa dancing to laughter therapy.

Simon Town, Managing Director of Roots of Yggdrasil, said: “This is a chance to combat the everyday stresses of life on the year’s most depressing day!

“We have a fantastic line up of events suitable for all ages and abilities, offering a holistic approach to health, nutrition and mental well-being.

“As well as a packed programme, up until 2.30pm there will be free 15 minute sports massage slots by Gavin Oliver. There will be an opportunity to attend a private, one-to-one fitness consultation, and there will be trade stands from the Stop Smoking Service and Stephen Flicker from Flipside CIC.”

Simon, who is fully trained in fitness instruction and medical referrals, co-founded Roots by Yggdrasil Social Enterprise along with Gavin to provide Scarborough and the surrounding area a wide range of general and special fitness classes to increase the health and wellbeing of those living in disadvantaged areas.

And if you don’t fancy that Blue Monday, here’s an alternative.

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