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This is how Churches should talk about modern times.

By bird_lovegod | 18 September 19 01:28pm | News and Views

I listen to a podcast each day, from STC, Saint Thomas’s Church, in Sheffield. Today, they’re talking about algorithmic news, and confirmation bias in the media. And how to respond.

Here’s the opening paragraph or so, but I do recommend listening on the STC site. Here’s the link.

BBC Breakfast Presenter Dan Walker tweeted this on Monday:-
‘After any political interview:
Shouty tweets from all corners.
Accused of left / right bias.
Accused of being clearly Pro Brexit
And obviously a remoaner.
Accused of being a ‘bully’ and ‘too soft’ at the same time.
We live in toxic times.
Everyone is angry.
Have a lovely Monday.’
Over the past few weeks during our Sunday teaching series STC we’ve been thinking about ‘Challenging times’ – the season our nation is in.  Dan Walker’s comment – ‘everyone is angry’ rings true – why?  Why is there are a rise in anger?
One reason is algorithms.
The news, whether it be TV, radio or print, has always had bias, that’s obvious.  However, given that many of us receive news or our general sense of what is going on in the world through social media whether it be via news outlets, culture makers or social media influencers – increasingly our view of the world is being shaped by social media…

Here’s the link to read more, or listen. It’s good.

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