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The Conservative party have lost the plot.

By bird_lovegod | 22 November 19 03:45pm | News and Views

Imagine The Conservative party running a website called , and using the site to promote their own agenda. How would that make you feel about the credibility and truthfulness of The Conservative Party?

What about it they ran another site, and pretended it was an independent fact checking site, when in fact it were another promotional site for themselves?

It would be highly dubious, make you think they lack decency and quite possibly are fraudulently misrepresenting themselves. They might also be committing an offence of ‘Passing off’ that being pretending to be what they are not.

Welcome to the Conservative party digital strategy. Where truth has no meaning.

The very fact of them being willing to use deception as a means to promote an agenda invalidates them entirely as a credible, decent, dignified political party.

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