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Rock climbing is hard

By bird_lovegod | 29 February 20 02:46pm | News and Views

Visiting the FOUNDRY indoor rock climbing in Sheffield. Back in the days I used to climb, top roped mostly, but at a half decent level, E1, E2, Maybe E3, 5A , maybe up to 5b or 5c on a friendly slab.

I free soled ‘Snails Crack’ at Lawrencefield, only a 4B or some such, but no ropes, 50 ft up, whereby a fall is probably the last thing you’ll ever do, it’s hard enough. Very hard. To move past the crux, the feet swapping, the possibility of terror followed by agonising paralysis… and that’s before you finally let go.

Today, safe indoor, climbing at a fraction of the level I used to, watching the best climber in the room, a girl, maybe ten years old, whilst I struggle to reach the top of the easiest climb due to lack of strength in forearms and fingers and hands.

And it’s still good fun.

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