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R2D2 is hard on Metal Earth

By bird_lovegod | 15 October 18 10:37am | News and Views

This was the droid I was looking for. 8/10 for effort.

I spent Saturday night geeking out trying to build my first Metal Earth model. R2D2. Three hours later, I was both satisfied, and not. Glad to have got the body of the droid together at least, and two of the three legs. Sad that I couldn’t do the feet. And that one of the legs wouldn’t stay on. I like makery, Lego, Mechano, and Metal Earth kits are in the same vein, but a different league. Metal Earth are way more difficult. Very fiddly, the R2 was anyway, sheet metal precision cut, fitting together without solder or glue. Kits include Starwars figures, but also ships, buildings, vehicles, tanks, some of them tiny, like the R2 I attempted, some of them look big and super fantastic. Mine was given to me, looking it up, it costs around a fiver, which is amazing value. Way cheaper than Lego, way more challenging, very beautiful. You know what to get me for Christmas. 

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