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By ethicalmuch_admin | 26 November 18 12:14pm | News and Views

Great news that Matthew Hedges has been pardoned and released by the UAE President.

It truely gives hope that co operation, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, these qualities that we call humanity have been displayed and put into action.

The relief for Matthew must be one of a man receiving a miracle. Life returned from death. Likewise for his wife and family. From fear, anger, bitterness, come gratitude, love, compassion.

Forgiveness of ones enemies brings healing beyond the original state of neutrality. The people of the UK are now closer in their hearts and sentiments to the people of the UAE than before. We extend our gratitude, and the hand of friendship and peace. 

May we all learn lessons from this, that increase our compassion and mercy and kindness to one another.

God bless.

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