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Brexit is Madness!

By ethicalmuch_admin | 27 November 18 11:36am | News and Views

Brexit is a Madness..!.. Call for a 2nd Referendum by Honorary Alderman Najma Hafeez…

Najma Hafeez is a proud British Asian woman. She was the first and youngest Asian female elected to Birmingham City Council. She has spent all her life since the aged 18 in public service. And she is furious at the contempt and misinformation shown by some Brexiteers. 

She says: “Brexit is Madness! I was strongly against it from the start. The European Union has benefited this country, my country, in many ways. Free trade, improved workers’ rights, improved human rights to name a few. The public has been duped by the scaremongering and anti-immigration rhetoric. It is ironic that the same European Union which has promoted free trade and improved workers rights across Europe, is now portraying immigration as a threat to this country’s sovereignty. Utter nonsense! Without the millions of originally immigrant workers in the Health Service, in Transport and business and commerce this country would be in a poorer state. The immense fiscal and commercial contribution from the Asian community alone, is evidence of this. 

The first Referendum was ill-informed and biased, by those who had and still have, a vested interest in Brexit. That is why most people voted out. I know many people now, who were misled and voted out last time, but now, due to better information and a clearer understanding, will certainly vote Remain. Good, honest and loyal British people have been misled and misinformed. That is why we need a 2nd Referendum, so that people can make a well informed and considered decision. For the sake of all, our futures and, for the sake of this, our great country.”


Contact: Najma Hafeez [email protected]

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

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