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Invasive advertising is alive and flourishing on the Daily Mail website.

By bird_lovegod | 16 January 19 04:32pm | News and Views

I read other websites as well, I just want to clarify that point first… The Daily Mail is one of the best though, in terms of User Experience… nicely laid out and so on… So yes, I was on the Daily Mail site, scrolling down, and I saw the article about the little baby that laughs when she hears her sisters voice for the first time after a hearing aid is fitted.

Aw, cute bait , ok I’ll watch and listen.

So I press play and the site launches a piece of malware called ‘William Hill.’

‘WilliamHill’ malware launches a pop up video player and wants me to watch a video promoting the ‘WilliamHill’ betting app. Which I have no interest in. So I hit the X close and it goes away. Until I scroll down, or up, or do anything at all, in which case it pops back again. And again. And again. Forever.

So I am forced off the site by this pop up malware advert.

I’m old enough to remember when this is how adverts used to act, back in the 90’s, when the internet was ignorant and no one cared about how invasive an advert was. The more irritating and in your face the better.

Thought we had moved on. Clearly not.

Hey, WilliamHill … Look how many more ‘hits’ your advert is getting. Unless it is actually a malware ad. Could someone from WilliamHill or the please clarify?

And I did never get to hear that baby gurgle. SAD. ?

William Hill 3 Cute Baby 0

Maybe I should place a bet on a horse to cheer myself up. Anyone know a good bookies?

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