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I’m trying to understand Mrs Mays mentality and why she’s managed to get this Brexit so wrong.

By bird_lovegod | 15 January 19 06:19pm | News and Views

The bottom line is this… She took it upon herself to negotiate the deal and be responsible for it. A martyr attitude, ‘I alone will carry this burden accross the line’ kind of thing. Whilst she may have been ‘well intentioned’ in this it’s totally obvious it hasn’t produced the outcome anyone, including herself, wants.

What she ‘should’ have done is made it a joint effort, worked through and negotiated by a cross party collective, from the very beginning. This would’ve brought all the parties together in the process, unified to getting the best deal possible. There would have been strife and infighting, of course, but every party would’ve been responsible for the outcome.

As it is, her ‘do it alone’ attitude has totally spilt everything, including her own party. It was wrong from the very beginning. The approach was wrong, the strategy was wrong, everything about it was wrong.

They’re about to vote on the ‘deal’ that May is offering. They’ll reject it. What next?

May should resign. She’s blown it.

A cross party group should be established to renegotiate a deal that will be acceptable to Parliament.

Article 50 will need to be extended to achieve this.

That’s what should happen.

Let’s see what does.

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