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If everyone went vegan chickens would become extinct? And cows? And sheep? And pigs?

By bird_lovegod | 3 January 20 07:30pm | News and Views

Following this ruling ethical veganism how has legal protection. Ethical being the key word, veganism for health reasons, for example, is presumably not covered. How will this impact?

And what happens when the rights of one protected set of beliefs rub up against another?

How many ethical vegans are there?

And how far does it go? An ethical vegan has the right to not catch a bus to work in case that bus squashes an insect? Perhaps so.

Ethical – that which is in most accordance with life. Veganism is a good place to start.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if our society is doing well or not, if we’re heading in the right direction or not, if all these ‘ethical choices’ are really diverting us away from a universal truth and solution. It would be easy to create a society that had an abundance of rules regarding rights, and thought itself elevated and righteous for doing so, progressive and accepting and considerate of all opinions and beliefs and ways and truths.

And if we all went vegan, there would be no need to farm animals, for food, or clothing, or eggs, or any other reason. And the number of cows, chickens, pigs, and so on, would plummet. Why wouldn’t they go extinct? Is it better to farm animals, than not give them life at all?

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