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Five steps to sort out this Brexit fiasco.

By bird_lovegod | 13 March 19 11:30am | News and Views

Some things can only be done well the second time round… Clearly Brexit is one of them.

Here’s how to fix it.

One: Extend article 50 by another two years. Reasoning: Mays Brexit deal has been rejected, it’s done. Let’s start again.

Two: May resigns. For all the obvious reasons of us being where we are.

Three: Hold a second referendum to see if the people really have an appetite for Brexit given what we now know.

Four: Regardless of outcome of Referendum two, hold a General Election.

Five: IF Brexit 2.0 is to be attempted, it must be negotiated by a cross party group, which will prevent the same thing happening again.

That’s basically the only sensible way to proceed.

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