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Citizen Science … I heard it on the radio and I liked it…

By bird_lovegod | 11 October 18 06:16pm | News and Views

I happened to hear a thing on radio 4, and it talked about Citizen Science, whereby everyday people are asked to get involved in large scale science projects. The one they were discussing was about solar flares, and they wanted people to view two images of two different flares and state which one they thought looked the most complex. A kind of Hot or Not for solar activity (apparently some flares are simple and clean looking, others are messy, and they may impact differently, again, a bit like Tinder blokes.)

So I googled Citizen Science, and found a holding page that directed me to which is the biggest source of these ‘open source’ type collaborative projects. It’s not just science either. You can even get involved transcribing Shakespearean texts from ye olde pen and ink into modern day digitised words. I might do, but not now, I’m off to archery :).

Photo by Justin Dickey on Unsplash

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