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By bird_lovegod | 20 March 22 04:54pm | News and Views

Scarborough based businesswoman, Ros Jones has fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a published author with the release of her first book, When I Was A Girl.

Published by Fisher King, the coming-of-age-novel is set in 1960s Britain and follows a family’s experience of abuse, rivalry, and isolation, alongside themes of survival and forgiveness, and the impact of lineage on their learned and programmed behaviors.  

With a harrowing opening scene, the book tackles the uncomfortable realities faced by many women in the sixties and arguably is as equally as relevant today.

Ros, 56 says: “The subject of learned and programmed behaviors has always fascinated me. This story follows the devastating impact this can have on someone’s life and decisions but also how we are the makers of our own destiny.

Writing the novel during the pandemic it also raised important issues around abuse and neglect that are unfortunately as pertinent now as they were then and how much still needs to be done to protect and support young girls and women in our communities.”

After a corporate career in London, Ros uprooted to move to her beloved North Yorkshire coast and became a business and leadership coach. Ros never pursued her childhood dream of becoming a writer until the pandemic hit and like many people, this challenging time inspired Ros to fulfil her lifelong desire to put pen to paper.

Ros adds: “I am a believer of thinking big and have many times encouraged my clients to think about their ultimate dreams and goals. Like many during the pandemic I had more time to think about my own aims and dreams. I’d made a promise to my sister and mother before they sadly passed away from cancer several years ago that I would write a book having always said I’d love to be an author. I’ve now fulfilled that promise and proof that you’re never too old to write off those dreams you had as a child.”

When I Was a Girl is available to order from Amazon, with both paperback and kindle available from 18th March.

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