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Bamboo Straws … yes no maybe?

By bird_lovegod | 5 November 18 04:02pm | News and Views

Plastic straws are so yesterday … and so ten thousand years from now… which is why alternatives for these and other plastic bits and bats are a must. 

We got sent a pack of eight bamboo straws from, on the basis we’d give them a review. We’re not being paid for this, and the review is the honest opinion of our reviewer, Bird Lovegod.

Ok, here we are. Myself and Cheryl, my girlfriend, sitting in Nuffield Health in Sheffield after having swum / swam 500 meters and steamed and saunerised. We’ve ordered two smoothies, what better way to put the straws to the test. 

It’s hard to smile when you’re sucking apparently 

On opening, yep, there’s 8 bamboo straws, in a nice cotton bag, with 2 straw cleaners. ‘Please wash before use’ says the box. I run the cleaner through one of them and a bit of bamboo powder comes out. Ahh, that’s why. We give them to the customer services assistant at the counter, she rinses them through, and comments that they look like a great idea. The smoothies arrive, with a bamboo straw in each. 

Somehow it looks right. If you’re paying £4 for a super healthy smoothie, for it to come with a plastic straw seems somehow artificial. And for smoothies, there’s no way a standard paper straw is going to handle the suck required. 

I rather like them. There’s no taste like you can get with paper, and no sogginess. And because they come in a nice bag, I’m happy to chuck them in with my gym kit.

Hmmmm, now I’m thinking about user cases… for selling them, and using them at point of sale.

Gym and health food places could happily sell these. They add to the customer experience of drinking smoothies, fruit crushes, and all that goodness.

If I had a cocktail bar I’d defo do a cocktail with one in. I bet you could do some funky stuff, like ‘marinade’ the straw in Tequila or something, giving it a flavour. They’d be for one time use only, but they’re bamboo, totally bio friendly, so that’s OK. And you could get creative with them for sure.

And so on. With new things comes new ways of using them. A wholesome addition to a healthy smoothie. A clever addition to a high end cocktail. 

Good product, simple, nicely done. 

Thanks to the supplier. Mother Nature. And WhitespringUK.

Grrrr Girlfriend Cheryl got chocolate smoothie on my nice cotton bag!

PS. You can use Amazon discount code WS324977 if you fancy 10% off. Enjoy!

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