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UK 811. Crisis of faith, sort of.

By bird_lovegod | 12 August 23 06:15pm | Good Deeds

Ethical Much supports anyone who asks, regardless of anything, including religion, race, or any other factors. It’s unconditional. BUT. On this one instance, I bought the food for a chap who had been given maybe 25 or 30 food parcels and other support over the last three years. I went to Church, in town, and texted him to meet me there, he lives only a few minutes away. The chap refused to come into the church to collect the food. I refused to take it out of the church to give it to him. It seemed to me that by refusing to come in, he wasn’t being neutral to the Christian faith, he was being fully opposed to it. If he had been a Muslim, or other religion, I would have respected his beliefs and understood. But he is an atheist, which means he doesn’t believe in God. That’s fine, that’s his choice, many atheists come into Church, look at the architecture, and appreciate the building. But refusing to come in doesn’t say you don’t believe. It says you hate the church, are opposed to it, and all it represents. But he’s been receiving support from me, a Christian, and Ethical Much, a Jesus honouring organisation, and even from Church food parcels when funds have required it. So he wants the gift, whilst rejecting and opposing the giver. It just felt really wrong, rude, it was his stubborn rejection and opposition that was the problem, so I allowed him to see that. He was offended, and went on to complain to the Vicar, and I think he ended up with the shopping, but I walked away before that happened. It was an interesting thing, for everyone I think. I give unconditionally, but this one time there was a totally reasonable condition. Overcome your own prejudice against the Church and step inside. He refused. A very profound choice.

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