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UK 806. More food for thought

By bird_lovegod | 20 July 23 05:07pm | Good Deeds

This one really got to me.

The lady is in her mid fifties, and has had to leave her flat. Here’s why;

She used to take drugs, of course, everyone in that area does, it’s awash with them, part of every day normal culture. But she stopped taking drugs, and tried to break free from them, and from the snare of that scene. She was frequently intimidated with the intention of her allowing drugs to be sold from her flat, and ultimately, for her to be drawn back into the scene. Last week, the main drug dealer for the area paid a girl, in drugs, to beat this lady up, because she refused to allow her flat to be used as a drugs den and distribution point. Ultimately it’s about power, and control, and her saying no to the dealers. She had bruises all over her arms when I met her. Her hope is to be allowed to live in a women’s shelter.

How broken is this society, and how to fix it? My gut instinct suggested that a simple solution would be the execution of the main drug dealer. There’s certainly an ethical case for that. But that’s not how the law works, and in practice, what would happen is another would take his place. And we would end up in a lawless and brutal system. And the drug dealer would be denied the opportunity of future redemption and repentance.

It’s not for me to fix this broken world. It’s broken into so many pieces, and all them them a result of the great fall.

I can tell people how to fix their personal situation in regards to that fall though. Repent and turn to Jesus Christ, and he will heal your life. That’s all you can do, and all you can ask for, in the first instance.

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