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169./ Four referrals to council support services

By EMEditor | 5 May 20 12:24pm | Good Deeds

In addition to our support we are also referring our clients to the Council for additional support and to ensure they on on the councils ‘radar’ as it were. We ask the client if they would like us to do this and they are very grateful for the offer.

It’s an important part of what we can do, moving forward. We vector with the council services, and are able to provide some services the council cannot. Additionally there are people who use our services who need all the support they can possibly get, from everywhere they can get it, more than we can provide on our own.

Our vision, even for this month, is to begin to be a platform connecting the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ of the city. A way to redistribute resources, to provide the haves with a system they can use to support the have nots. In Sheffield, these communities are next door but disconnected.

More on this later.

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