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614. Pre pay card for asylum seeker

By bird_lovegod | 16 December 21 03:08pm | Good Deeds

She’s an asylum seeker, with a one year old baby, often strapped to her back, Africa style. As she’s seeking asylum she’s not allowed to work, and only receives a very small allowance each week, I think it’s £36.95.

We’ve given her a pre pay card, with £50 a month on it, which she can spend. The first thing she did was go and buy food, and some decorations for her daughters first birthday, which she invited me to and I happily attended. She cooked the best chicken I’ve had in my life.

£50 from Reg and Marc, thank you 🙂

In future, the monthly payments will be covered by the Innovators Give Back Fund, operated by Together For Sheffield . So thank you to them as well.

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