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33./ I messed up, and tried to do the right thing to make it ok… is this a good deed?

By bird_lovegod | 15 April 19 09:58am | Good Deeds

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Ok , so here’s the scenario.

I accidentally shot a hole in a neighbours drainpipe with a bow and arrow. (I was using the shared alleyway as a shooting range.) I now know this was not the best idea.

Anyway I fixed the hole with gorilla tape and I’m sure it’ll be ok.

Then I went to Tesco’s and bought a £15 bouquet of flowers and a really nice box of 25 Green and Black tasting bars. I left them on the doorstep of the neighbour and when she came back I went over and said sorry and even offered to buy a new drainpipe if required.

To be fair it was Sunday and I was only trying to uphold ancient English laws relating to bow practice.

The neighbour was sort of ok.

Sort of.

Does this count as a good deed? If so … can I have a mystery prize please?!

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