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91./ Donation of paint by Cass Art.

By bird_lovegod | 13 January 20 05:33pm | Good Deeds

I’m an artist, you can see my work here.

I’m producing a rather large painting, and bought Michael Harding oil paints, really good quality handmade stuff, and Cass Art accidentally sent 2 x 60ml Tubes rather than 2 x 225ml tubes.

I got in touch and they sent the replacements, then, because they’re kind, and because I do humanitarian intervention art, (see my website) they let me have the 2 smaller tubes as a donation.

Thanks Cass Art, you’re cool, and kind. And I spent another £76 with you today anyway!

And now your kindness = a £3 donation to Snowdrop Project charity as well. Even better.

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