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853. Nice big shop for the new year.

By bird_lovegod | 16 January 24 05:37pm | Good Deeds

After the expense of Christmas people always feel the squeeze in January, and out guys are no different.

Did a big Tesco shop, lot’s of really good food, lots of tins of veg as well because they’re good value and they last, so buying 20 or so tins means the person has veg for many weeks. Also a chicken, which I always like because they’re such good value and if you roast them they last most of the week, once you’ve made a curry and then a soup at the end. Bought him curry sauces, and jars of sauces to make things with, as well as pies and pizza and pasta and noodles and cheese and ham and hot dogs. I’d say it was a good two weeks worth of food.


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