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67./ I saw a really nice Good Deed happening.

By bird_lovegod | 12 July 19 07:16pm | Good Deeds

There was a chap begging outside Sainsbury’s, and a man and his young son, the boy maybe 3 years old, were chatting to him. I didn’t see how the conversation started, maybe the man bought him something from the shop, but the boy was talking with the beggar was offering him one of his chocolate bars, from a packet he’d been given. The father was OK with this.

It was a really nice thing on a number of levels, the boy was being taught about humanity, and not ignoring those in need, and was receiving an education with his chocolate bar. Also, the beggar was receiving the kindness of being able to give. To give back. Having something to give.

I remember a homeless friend of mine, he once offered my a Twix, for my daughter, and I didn’t take it. But I should have, because it was a gift being given.

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