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54./ Blessed are the peace makers. For they shall be called the children of God.

By bird_lovegod | 12 June 19 12:51pm | Good Deeds

I think Jesus said many wise things, not just wise, but vital, a hard to follow but genuine way to live.

Blessed are the peace makers. Those who make peace. It’s so easy to go the other way, not making war, but making upset, difficulty, discord, separation.

So, I was in London, with my mother, coming back from a short break. The train was on the platform, there was four minutes before it pulled away. I went through the barrier and stood by the doors, waiting for my mother. I could see her talking with the ticket inspector at the gates, what’s the problem, I’m thinking.

The minutes tick on, and the train pulls away. I’m annoyed, cross, angry even. I kind of storm over to the ticket chap. ‘You just made us miss our train!”

He asks me to calm down, and tries to explain. The tickets are for a specific time, that time had already passed, as we were delayed due to flooding, and, he explained, the ticket inspector on the train might not have accepted the tickets, and required us to buy new ones at several hundred pounds.

He writes on the back of the tickets, and stamps them, making them valid for the next train, in half an hour.

My mother waits, I go for a walk. I’d almost lost my temper, and got upset, the man was only doing his job, and doing it properly, and in such a way as to make sure we didn’t get charged.

I bought a soup, and a mint tea, from Pret, and walked to the platform. The nice ticket chap was talking with someone else, they probably had a problem as well. I just tapped his arm, to get his attention, and when he turned, I tapped my chest, over my heart, with my palm, a gesture of gratitude, and peace, and said thank you. I wished I had got him a chocolate bar as well.

I made peace, where I had made upset, and calmed the waters where the waves of anger had made them stormy. Blessed are the peace makers.

When I got to the train, I saw my cup of tea had fallen through the bag, I never even noticed. The soup was still there though. I said a prayer of thanks, for the soup. And didn’t care about the tea.

Peace within. Then I settled down, to watch a film of Winston Churchill. And thought about war, and peace.

I’d like a £5 donation to go to one of the Sponsored Children please, Rebecca.

This Good Hearted deed was sponsored by Winnow Solutions.

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