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501. Chicken Kormas please

By bird_lovegod | 19 July 21 03:24pm | Good Deeds

We do aim to help people, sometimes that involves getting them what they ask for, other times, maybe we get them something to step them upwards in some way. He wanted pre made chicken kormas. Ok, we did buy him three, but also some fresh chicken, and some good quality korma cooking sauce, and some rice, so he can also cook his own, and maybe even find it’s better than the pre made. Small steps. Also gave him a book, one of our subscribers donated a dozen or so books, so now we offer them to everyone with their food parcel, like a mobile free bookshop. Wonder what else we could do that with. It’s good. Feed body, feed mind.

£22.25 from subscriber fund … book from Ursula

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