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Sheffield delivery 476. The beginnings of a new home part one.

By bird_lovegod | 2 June 21 10:45pm | Good Deeds

This situation is a little complicated. The chap we are helping was referred to us by a subscriber who is also a GP. He received a food parcel from us, then went quiet for a few weeks because he got admitted to hospital with pneumonia. When he came home, he found his flat had been broken into and everything of value taken, even the curtains and curtain pole. There was needle wrappers left in the room and it was obvious the place had been used by addicts. He got in touch, asking what we could do. What we can do is a complete flat refurb, making it nicer than it ever has been. The place is a mess, and so stage one is clearing things out and getting it ready for a good clean.

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