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454. No oven but we will get one soon

By bird_lovegod | 11 May 21 02:10pm | Good Deeds

His oven broke at some point last year, and he can’t afford a new one, so he’s been getting by on a microwave plus a grill device. No oven also means no hob. We are going to get him an oven, one of those small ‘table top’ ones, oven and hob, they cost about £120. Give it a week or two, you’ll see it land. In the mean time, looking after him with this shopping, which included beef burgers, beef kebabs, gammon steaks, cottage pie, lamb hot pot, sausages, bacon, as well as bread rolls, tea bags, sugar, plus honeydew melon, peach slices… tried to make sure he has necessities plus things he can actually cook.

£40.25 from the subscriber fund

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