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441. Unusual chap

By bird_lovegod | 8 April 21 08:24pm | Good Deeds

His voice sounds like he’s upper class, and he’s quite formal and very polite. Never asks for much, and is very grateful, genuinely acknowledging the kindness. Delivering to him today, he spoke of people he used to be a tutor for, teaching english I believe, and also naming the good people he used to garden for. He said he was now enjoying his retirement. I asked him if there’s anything else we can get him, he’d like some books, adventure books, he even mentioned Biggles. I told him I’d get him some books. I feel certain his flat, in a tower block, is in a state of neglect and disrepair, and I know his clothes are tattered and threadbare, he can hardly look after himself. I offered to help transform the flat, painting, carpeting, and so on, but he declined. Too much too soon I think. We’ll start with the books. A donor had donated £10 cash, and someone else, £30 cash, so I used that for a proper and substantial shop for him.

£39.78 from subscriber fund

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